The opioid epidemic is the number one killer in the United States in the Unintended Injuries category, surpassing motor vehicle accidents. Whether it is prescription medications, pills that are not prescribed, or heroin on the street, this addiction is super destructive. Opioids are ruining lives and affecting cities and suburbs the same. Death rates have gone up because addicts needed something stronger than what they are used to taking, such as heroin, so dealers have been amping up their supply to satisfy the demand of their customers. So how did they make heroin stronger? They started adding a potent prescription drug to the mix called fentanyl. Fentanyl is so much stronger than heroin, and it is impossible to detect because it mixes up clear. So when it is injected the user usually is unaware that their heroin has fentanyl in it, and they accidentally overdose.

Suboxone is a drug that has been designed to battle heroin addiction. It needs to be given to the addict in a medical setting, in order to regiment the doses, and so the addict does not accidentally make their withdrawal symptoms worse. It can be taken too early in the detox process, and can cause precipitated withdrawal in the addict, which is exponentially worse than regular heroin withdrawal. Usually an opioid addict wants to relieve their symptoms of discomfort immediately, but in order for Suboxone to work properly, it needs to be taken at the height of withdrawal (when symptoms are at their worst). Addicts are accustomed to instant relief. So it is a probable mistake for addicts to make, taking Suboxone too early to relieve their discomfort.

But many addicts are aware of this issue with Suboxone, and they never actually wait long enough to reach that point in their withdrawal, and they just end up relapsing immediately. But it has been studied that Suboxone (according to an indianapolis suboxone treatment center), when given in either a rehab facility or an outpatient center, has the highest success rate in battling heroin and opioid addiction. But that is just the first step to battling addiction, after the detox step with Suboxone, there are many psychological issues an addict needs to fight through as well. But at least with medications like Suboxone, there is some hope amid this opioid epidemic.