Imagine your late night studying hours a day before exam, trying to learn everything in time in order to score high. You would like to have something which can work like magic and can help you to learn everything quickly in time. If there is something like we mentioned on your wish list then you are not alone. There are some drugs available in the market which works like the magic wand which makes your memory infinite and you can learn and grasp everything and anything. These are called nootropics.

Before going towards the debate of best nootropics it is really important to first build up a clear understanding of what a nootropic actually is. A nootropic is a compound which can also be called a brain booster or a smart drug. This brain boosting material can help us to improve our cognitive functions, boost our memory and develop better brain power. Due to its beneficial quality its use is increasing among students today and it has been successful in catching the attention of media too. However, this topic is also related to the debate of being ethical or unethical which is long and never ending. These drugs are basically developed to help those who are suffering from mental deficiencies in order to let them live like all of the healthy people. In fact, these drugs are also used for alcoholism by sort of pacifying the brain waves in order to meet a calming state, a lessened stress and anxiety. Nootropics vary and each medication gives or focuses on a certain result in the brain causing relief. Some people have been taking nootropic stack in which two or more supplements are taken in combination with one another to achieve better results.

There is a huge list of effective nootropics, however a few of them are mentioned below.


Piracetam is the oldest nootropic compound. The most amazing thing about piracetam is that due to the historical existence it has been studied extensively. It can be considered as a prototype of nootropics. It is mainly used for improving cognition, learning abilities and memory. Apart from these, it also has benefits related to reducing anger and stabilizing breath.

However, piracetam is taken in higher doses than all other nootropics. The dose is about 1200-4800 mgs a day. The real effects can be witnessed by in taking higher dose of this nootropic. Piracetam increases cholinergic neurotransmission which results in improving cognition and memory. It enables the brain cells to take in oxygen in the most proper way which helps in generating the feelings of alertness. Moreover, better circulations of brain cells and keep them nourished and the tissues tight. Piracetam also helps wastes to eliminate from the brain cells quickly and protect them from decaying as a sign of aging.


This nootropic drug was invented by a Russian scientist and it was widely used in the medical kits. It is used as a tranquilizer for the reduction in anger and anxiety. Its use is similar to one of the chemicals of the brain called gama-aminobutyric which is used to decrease the levels of stress, anxiety, fear, insomnia and irregular heartbeat. Since, it improves sleeping patterns it also results in improving the cognitive activities of a brain. However, this nootropic is a very powerful one. Other nootropics cause stimulation whereas this one cause coolness and peace of mind. Phenibut can be taken in the dose according to the desired results a person wants. Its dose can range from 500-2000 mgs a day.


Nicotine is produced by plants to save themselves from being eaten by animals. It is bitter and its high amount can prove to be toxic. The right amount of nicotine intake can be really helpful for us in controlling coordination, attention and improving our memory. It makes you vigilant and makes you capable of handling difficult tasks and pay attention on every task that you do. Nicotine has proven itself to be helpful in paying more and clear focus on tiring tasks better than a normal brain can do. It also helps in improving your short term memory. People who take nicotine more have been found to have better fluency and recalling ability. They can maintain the records of words list of names or even numbers in their minds better than a normal person can do. Those who use nicotine as a nootropic are also observed to have better handwriting after its intake moreover they are also seen to be tapping their fingers faster than their normal routines. Along with a lot of benefits of nicotine it can also prove be highly addictive. Its high dosage can result in causing health issues including cardiovascular diseases, increased blood pressures, and reduction in the normal operation of kidneys.

Huperzine A

It is a quite famous nootropic which was originally found in China. It is extracted from a plant in China. It is also commonly used in the treatments of Alzheimer’s disease in order to improve the cognitive activities of the brain. However, healthy individuals use huperzine A as a supplement to improve their memory. It is also very common among the students during exams. It helps in quick learning of new materials and it is also taken to avoid the aging side effects on the brain. It improves the functioning of the brain cell called mitochondria by fueling it and other brain cells to perform in a better way. It also works as an antioxidant for the brain and supports other brain oxidants by helping them to improve their working abilities. Huperzine A helps in reducing the activity of an enzyme in our brains which is known as acetylcholinesterase. It is meant to be devastating for the brains by reducing another enzyme called acetylcholine.

This enzyme is useful for the brains due to its function of producing memories in the brains and helping it to encode and decode the memories. Recent studies have also found out that this enzyme is really important for the purpose of improving the learning capabilities of the brain so by the use of this nootropic brain can improve its learning functioning. Moreover, this nootropic is also effective for memory retrieval process. This nootropic is instructed to be taken in 50-200 mcg a day. This is micro grams not milligrams. It shows the power of this nootropic and how dangerous it can be if taken in a high dose.