A Christian alcohol treatment center is different from most traditional alcohol dependency rehab facilities.

This is mainly because its therapeutic methodology focuses on Jesus Christ as the specific “Higher Power” referred to by the other 12-step recovery approaches such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

The professionals who work at Christian alcohol treatment centers believe that other rehab approaches that try to please their non-believing clientele are essentially doing these problem drinkers a disservice.

Why? Basically because they are not stating that it is God alone who has the power to help them find their way to recovery, get out of the vicious cycle of dependency, help them abstain from drinking, and start the recovery process.

Alcoholism is Viewed as a Spiritual and a Physical Disorder

Most faith-based Christian alcohol rehab professionals perceive alcoholism as both a physical as well as a spiritual disease. This philosophical framework under scores the entire Christian alcohol treatment process.

Due to the fact that Christian alcohol treatment professionals emphasize the centrality of God in the alcohol treatment process, however, does not mean that they ignore other important alcohol treatment issues.

In fact, the personnel who work at a Christian alcohol treatment center routinely use effective counseling approaches, the most excellent medical practices, and productive behavioral remedies as they blend Biblical scripture with the total alcohol treatment process.

Most, if not all, Christians believe that the mere conviction is usually not enough to help an alcoholic refrain from drinking in an irresponsible and hazardous manner.

More often than not, Christian alcoholics suffer from the effects of alcohol-related employment difficulties, legal problems, poor emotional and physical health, and relationship and family issues.

Characteristically, these negative alcohol-related effects get progressively worse as the individual continues to drink in an abusive, unhealthy, and excessive manner.

The following puts the Christian alcohol rehabilitation process in an understandable perspective.

Christian healthcare professionals who work at a Christian alcohol treatment center typically encourage Christian alcoholics to look to the Bible in general and to Job in particular to learn and understand how he rose above his suffering and pain in an attempt to develop a more substantial relationship with God.

Without a doubt, the alcoholic may feel inadequate and may experience deep feelings of shame and guilt about his or her drinking. Alcohol dependent individuals need to keep in mind, however, that God is always ready to forgive them and help them get to the other side of alcohol dependency and start on the road to sobriety and alcohol recovery.

Christian Alcohol Detox

Christian alcohol detox is the first step in the alcohol treatment process undertaken by a Christian alcohol treatment center. Perceived as a combination of spiritual and physical components, Christian detoxification aims to rid the alcoholic’s body of poisonous chemicals and cleanse his or her soul of the damaging and unhealthy behavior in which he or she has become involved.

For instance, alcoholics who face serious alcohol withdrawal symptoms can receive much needed relief through the employment of doctor prescribed medications via the Christian detoxification process.

Even though the alcohol rehab protocol is not easy or problem-free, professionals at a Christian alcohol treatment center believe that surmounting one’s dependency is possible because God does not give a person more than he or she can handle.

Christian Alcohol Recovery

One of the most basic problems when focusing on alcoholism is that the alcohol-addicted person cannot see through the denial and addiction that sustain the cycle of abusive and out-of-control drinking.

A Christian alcohol treatment center helps alcohol-dependent individuals cut through their denial helps them acknowledge their inability to overcome excessive and hazardous drinking on their own.

Once this is completed, alcoholics can re-establish their true nature and surrender their suffering, pain, and disappointment to God who can heal them and give them hope for an addiction-free, sober life in the near future.
Christian alcohol treatment stresses the need for alcoholics to humble themselves, swallow their pride, and start to take spiritually-based action so that God can meet them half way and take them her back into His house and help them regain their lives.

Most professionals in a Christian alcohol treatment center employ a 12-step approach in their group and personal counseling sessions, and they always stay centered in the belief that it is Jesus Christ who is the Higher Power.
Stated more specifically, Christian alcohol treatment centers are deep-rooted in Scripture as they adhere to the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

While treatment professionals who work at Christian alcohol treatment centers are Christian, it is interesting to point out that some Christian alcohol treatment facilities employ Christians who are also in treatment.

Rehab at A Christian Alcohol Treatment Center

At least three distinctive types of alcohol treatment can be obtained at a Christian alcohol treatment center: inpatient, residential alcohol treatment; outpatient alcohol rehab; and day treatment.

Christian Residential Alcohol Treatment

When individuals get admitted to a Christian residential inpatient treatment facility, they quickly learn about the spiritual, physical, and psychological effects of excessive and abusive drinking.

This educational process is accomplished basically through workshops, individual therapy, lectures, and group counseling. To be sure, through all of these educational components, alcoholics are taught how to effectively and efficiently identify and “work through” the emotional and/or physical “hot buttons” that often lead to problem drinking.
Stated slightly differently, such a comprehensive and intensive educational approach helps each individual determine and address his or her own unique relapse warning signs and indicators.

Christian Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

Christian outpatient alcohol rehabilitation is not quite as intensive and comprehensive as inpatient programs.
In spite of this, Christian outpatient alcohol rehabilitation typically consists of many of the same educational and therapeutic components and principals that are provided in the residential treatment programs.

In fact, through group counseling, education, personal therapy, and training alcoholics gain insight into the specific problematic situations that challenge their sobriety and maintain their alcohol dependency. Stated simply, via outpatient rehab, alcoholics learn how to deal more effectively and productively with situations that commonly lead to relapse and that reinforce the negative cycle of addiction.

Day Treatment Alcohol Rehab

It is not uncommon for a Christian alcohol treatment center to provide a kind of alcohol treatment that is somewhat in between the inpatient and the outpatient alcohol rehab approaches.

Known as “day treatment programs,” this kind of therapeutic approach is frequently targeted for local individual who need less structure than the residential, inpatient programs provide.

Alcoholics usually enroll in this type of treatment option for a period of four to six weeks and typically attend treatment during normal work hours (i.e., 9AM to 5PM).

Individuals enrolled in such programs are provided with much of the same broad-based, comprehensive training, counseling, and education that the residential and outpatient clients receive.

Since follow-up training, counseling, and education are so critical to the alcohol recovery process, alcoholics who have attended a Christian alcohol treatment center are encouraged to attend local Alcoholics Anonymous meetings when they return to their usual place of residence.


There’s an overall philosophy of a Christian alcohol treatment center. This philosophy can be revealed in this summary statement: Through a combination of training, education, doctor prescribed medications, counseling, the latest medical treatment, and good old fashioned Christian principles, alcoholics, along with God, can overcome their addictive and destructive behavior and reclaim their lives in His grace.

In conclusion, a Christian alcohol treatment center can help alcoholics become free of their alcohol cravings and the unhealthy and dangerous thoughts and actions that contradict their Christian beliefs.